Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Balloon Pencil Test

For the second half of this summer, I'm going to work on my hand animating skills. I have had a few ideas, but I think I'm going to make a little film about a young balloon (they're easy to draw!). 

This video clip shows a simple balloon character bouncing a few times. It was my first time ever animating with real paper and pencil and it's kind of shaky because I didn't have a tripod. I drew the four frames in two minutes and didn't really worry about lining the paper up, just wanting to finish quickly. 

Time to try again,

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cylinder character animation

Today I finished my first character animation! It is very short and simple, but was fun to make. I learned a lot this past week, from rigging the mesh to mixing my own sounds. I'll talk a little about the process.

To warp the mesh, I created shape keys. These are basically individual pose extremes, made by moving the vertices in edit mode.

Each movement had its own shape key (about 20 total) and, to make the process less confusing, I rigged an armature of individual bones to affect each one. Each bone had multiple constraints so I could make sure they'd move or rotate in the right direction. You can see the bones in motion in this short clip:

The last thing I did was add sound. I should have done this earlier because It was hard to get the sound to match the animation. I used the program Audacity to mix my recorded sound effects:

I'm happy with how it all turned out, but I know I still have a ton of stuff to learn.