Sunday, January 27, 2013

December Entry

This post is a little late, but it's about my 11 Second Club entry for December 2012. 

Here's the clip:

I worked longer on this one and used my own video reference (like last month's comment suggested). I placed 143 out of 148 (pretty bad, I know), but got many more helpful comments:

"good mouth animation in time with the soundtrack but the animations are not enough accurate (side of mouth, cheeks following, etc...)"

That's because I only used the jaw and the horizontal mouth controls. I have a lot more to learn about lip syncing.

"I like the polish you put into it. But the characters dont offer much, they look like two awkward standing solidiers, But Good job man"

When I look again, I see that the characters do seem too straight and still. I defiantly need to work on posing.

"Is the green character sick?"

No, but I can see why you'd think that!

"The staging is pretty boring. Why not add an angle to it?
Also the animation is a little flat."

Yep, I see not that my camera is dead center, symmetrical and boring. I don't know what 'flat' means, but I see how my characters don't look as alive as they could.

"Characters start posing looks like default rig pose . . . ?"

Yep, I started from the default pose and went from there, so it's pretty uninteresting. Posing is my worst current weakness.

So, it looks like I still need to improve a ton (and maybe a little more) in order to succeed in these competitions.

Time to try again,